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File Systems

For a general description of the different file systems available on PDSF please see Eliza File Systems and Other File Systems.  Below is a summary of how ATLAS uses the various systems:


In the past ATLAS used /common primarily for their software installations but with cvmfs (see below) this is no longer necessary.  ATLAS users also have made personal directories under /common/atlas.  However, this is not the intended use of /common, as described on Other File Systems, and should not be continued.

/eliza1, /eliza2, eliza4, /eliza18

ATLAS has space on 4 elizas:  35TB on /eliza1, 35TB on /eliza2, 12TB on /eliza4 and 142TB on /eliza18.  The space on all is used both for production data as well as for the work of individuals.  The directories for individuals are located under /eliza[1,2,4,18]/dayabay.


ATLAS does not have a directory under /project/projectdirs.


CVMFS is the Cern Virtual Machine File System and it is installed on all PDSF nodes for ATLAS users.  It is a network file system based on HTTP and optimized to deliver experiment software in a fast, scalable and reliable way.  Files and file metadata are aggressively cached and downloaded on demand.  For more information see the CernVM-FS webpages.