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Accessing PDSF

All the linux interactive nodes are known under the name of and should be accessed via that name.  To access them the ssh protocol should be used and you should make sure that a Keyboard Interactive method is available in your ssh client.  You will probably also want to enable X11 forwarding with the -X or -Y option, i.e.,

ssh -Y

For more information see Interactive (login) Nodes.
If you are in STAR your default unix group is rhstar (just like at BNL) and the STAR environment will be automatically set up for you.

We also provide Globus services at PDSF.  Our gatekeepers are named:
    • (OSG release of the grid gatekeeper software)
    • (OSG release of the srm server)

For more information see Grid and Data Transfer Nodes.

OSG users who want to gain access to the PDSF cluster should apply for a PDSF account and select "OSG" as a project.  After they activate their account access to PDSF via the gatekeeper will be granted.

NX Access to PDSF

NX accelerates remote X performance on PDSF.  To use NX, you must first download the NX client to and configure it for your platform. After you have configured NX, you can open a remote desktop on PDSF by launching the NX client.  For more information about NX and step-by-step instructions for configuring and using it see NERSC NX Service.

Slow Connection or Trouble Connecting to PDSF

Slow connections can be very difficult to diagnose. We recommend using NX for remote connections which require using X displays (i.e. that open another window of some type on your home machine). All connections on the internet don't go through the same route so getting a faster connection to a non-NERSC system but not to PDSF doesn't necessarialy indicate a problem with PDSF. We willing to try to help with troubleshooting slow network issues, but our ability to fix problems is limited to NERSC systems. If you're writing to NERSC for assistance with this issue, please send the following information:

  • Your IP address as reported by from your local computer
  • The time and date when you are attempting to connect
  • The output when you run the command "traceroute" from your local computer
  • The exact error you get when you try to log into pdsf (if you get any errors)
  • The output when you run ssh -vvvv
  • The output when you run ssh -vvvv

There are also several browser tools you can use to try and diagnose the problem. The simplest check is just to make sure you can load (however, if you're reading this we can safely call this done).
If you have java installed, run the test at and send us the output.