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Cluster Statistics


Ganglia can be used to monitor performance of PDSF nodes... Read More »

PDSF I/O Monitoring

This page shows the IO response of the elizas and project. Read More »

PDSF Completed Jobs

Access information about all completed PDSF jobs. Read More »

Usage Summaries

Monthly and annual summaries of usage by group. Read More »

Utilization Graphs

This page contains a series of graphs that use data from the PDSF batch scheduler (SGE) to show the utilization of the cluster over the past 24 hours. Read More »

HPSS statistics

PDSF users are among the heaviest users of NERSC HPSS... Read More »

Network Activity

PDSF Network Uplinks to NERSC (dual 10 Gbps) NERSC Uplink to… Read More »