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2017 PDSF User Meeting Minutes

December 12: 2017-12-PDSF-users.pdf

Attending: Jeff, Georg, Craig,Zach, Yen-Dat,Jan

October 14:  2017-11-PDSF-users.pdf


October 11:  2017-10-PDSF-users.pdf

 Attending: Jeff, Georg, Ershaad, Jan

Agenda: PDSF performance/ transition to SLURM,

 Large scale Cori productions - STAR : 800 nodes - Dayabay : 300 nodes

September 12 :  2017-09-PDSF-users.pdf

 Attending: Yen-Dat, Jeff, Jan, Craig


*PDSF performance
-‘sluser’ : ‘sgeusers‘ for SLURM
-STAR: work yield for Haswell vs. KNL
-/scratch space deficit
-project averaged RAM/job requested vs. used

August 8 :  2017-08-PDSF-users.pdf

 Attending: Yen-Dat, Jeff, Jan

July 11 :  2017-07-PDSF-users.pdf

 Attending: Craig,Yen-Dat, Jeff, Jan

Tips for optimizing SLURM job arrays : 

May 8 :  SLIDES 

 Attending: Craig,Yen-Dat,Jan

Demonstrated users code runs on SLURM+Shifter+CVMFS on PDSF-3

April 11 : SLIDES

 Attending: Craig,Yen-Dat,Jan

 Request: table translating commands UGE to SLURM - posted here

March 14 :  SLIDES

 Attending: Zach,Craig,Yen-Dat,Jan

Request: add IO monitoring to UGE 


February 14 : SLIDES

 Attending: Zach,Craig,Jan

Comments: Users were unhappy about extended /project downtime



January 10 : SLIDES

 Attending: Jeff, Jan