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May 8

Attending:  Eric Iwona Ernst Mike Lisa JeffP Larry

Utilization:  Cluster has been mostly full, ALICE running the most folowed by STAR.

Outages/Downtimes:  Most of NERSC is down today for maintenance but PDSF is up although projectio has been set to zero.  eliza17 is back now - had to borrow 20TB of storage from NGF .  pdsfdtn1 is up but performance is bad - getting help from network people.

Upcoming Downtimes:  None scheduled.

Procurements/New Hardware:  7 offers received and a decision will be made soon.  Discussed buying storage on /project - need to factor in some cost for improving the networking between PDSF and /project.

/project network:  We expect to make some improvements to the PDSF to /project connection in the near future.

Grid issues:  Discussed dtn nework configuration - essentially it needs to be reworked.  One of the dtn's is connected to the core router and this is undesireable.

Topics from users:  JeffP want New Compute Element added to the agenda for this meeting.  Iwona reports that the ext4 rollout has been completed.  Iwona to be on vacation iuntil June 3.