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March 13

Attending:  Eric Iwona Larry Mike Bo Craig JeffP

Cluster Utilization:  Cluster is full again - ALICE is back in production.

Outages:  None.  Quota monitoring has been put into place.

Upcoming Downtimes:  We will schedule pdsf3 downtime for SL6 upgrade.  The project remount is on hold.  eliza3 will be upgraded next Monday - not a downtime but performance might be degraded.

Procurements:  Moving ahead (slowly).  Review Board meeting scheduled.

Project Accounts:  staremb is running.

Running on Carver:  Eric showed the instructions he put on the web.  Probably the biggest advantage to using the serial queue on Carver now is that it typically isn't full like PDSF so you can get quick turnaround.

Grid Issues:  None.

Topics from users:  Bo had some comments about the page describing how to use $TMPDIR and will use the feedback feature.