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January 31

Attending:  Eric Iwona JeffP Keith Alex Hiroshi Larry Jim JeffA Lisa Ernst

Security:  Jim Mellander discussed how connections to NERSC are managed.  This was because now and then legitimate connections get blocked and that can be hard for users to diagnose.

Utilization:  Cluster has been full with some fluctuations due to ALICE issues with /tmp usage.

Outages:  There have been slowdowns related to filesystem manager overloads.  This will be addressed in the upcoming downtime 2/3.

Upcoming Downtimes:  On Feb. 3 there will be maintenance in order to add more filesystem managers and address some other issues.  This should not affect users but it was announced anyway just in case of problems.

Procurements:  Iwona meeting w/Lynn next Monday.

Interactive node use:  There have been a number of users with problematic workflows on the interactive node (long processes, lots of concurrent sftp's, etc) so we discussed better ways to do things including interactive sessions on batch nodes, data transfers on pdsfdtn1/2, etc.

SL6:  Larry finished SL6 chos env and pdsf4 will be upgraded to SL6 during the outage on Feb. 3.