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February 28

Attending:  Eric, Iwona, Larry, Jie, Lisa, JeffP

Cluster Status:  ALICE was not running for the past couple weeks so the cluster has not been full.  Some ALICE problems have been fixed, possibly related to timeouts w/vobox?  The vobox network was improved.  Cluster is now below 1600 cores because rack 9 and 10 are being used for xrootd/SL6 testing.

Recent Outages:  Users not using io resources have caused some problemsh.  Network connection to project was being saturated to the projectio resource was lowered to 300.

Downtimes:  We will remount /project 3/6 (Tuesday) 8-10am.

Procurements:  In hand of LBNL lawyers - responses from vendors in ~3 weeks.

SL4 retirement:  Will go away 3/6.

Archiving unused accounts:  We need to streamline backups - will move home directories into a common subdir and exclude from backups.

Project Accounts:  staremb is in use, some complications with priorities.

Grid Issues:  ALICE global files being written to eliza8 instead of /home - is this the long term solution?  Another solution might be to no use GPFS quotas.