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September 13

Attending:  Eric, Larry, Lisa, Marjorie

Personnel Changes:  Jay has become the group lead for the Computational Systems Group at NERSC.  Iwona will take over as PDSF lead and will transition in during the next few months.

Cluster Status:  Some open cycles over the weekend as STAR didn't have jobs queued up but now we are back to running at capacity which is about 1500 cores.

Outages/Incidents:  None.

Upcoming Downtimes:  Nothing scheduled at this time.

Procurements:  No news beyond what was reported in the previous meeting (see the minutes).  Lisa brought up the issue of icecube purchasing PDSF equipment without paying overhead twice.  This issue is still unresolved.

Grid issues:  ATLAS mentioned their issue of how to manage files so they don't have to file tickets to get things deleted when, for example, one of their people leaves the group.  Marjorie deferred it until the next meeting.