NERSCPowering Scientific Discovery Since 1974

November 8

Attending:  Eric Iwona JeffP JeffA Mike Craig

Utilization:  Cluster is full as usual recently with over 1800 cores in service.

Outages:  Nothing major.  Icecube db connection got blocked by NERSC security and was cleared.

Upcoming Downtimes:  Dec. 13 there is an NGF downtime so PDSF will have a maintenance day to upgrade firmware on some servers, upgrade SGE and do miscellaneous hardware work.

Procurements:  All new hardware has been installed and  there are currently no procurements in progress.  Shares need to be updated and this PI's should be notified of this in the next few days.

Project Accounts:  Now deployed on all interactives and webpage updated.  JeffP to test and report at next users meeting.

Grid Issues:  cvmfs has been installed on pdsfgrid3.  Bestman has been installed on pdsfdtn2 and STAR will migrate there but ATLAS will stay on pdsfdtn1.

Topics from Users:  None.