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November 22

Attending:  Eric Iwona Mike Larry Lisa JeffP Ernst

Utilization:  Cluster mostly full except one day over the weekend when ALICE wasn't running much.  JeffP says ALICE runs about 30k jobs on the grid and close to 1000 typically run at PDSF.

Outages:  None.

Upcoming downtimes:  Dec. 13 will be down all day.  Official announcement forthcoming.

Procurements:  Everything in place - just need to do some more testing on the new dtn.

SL4:  Target date of 3/1/12 for retirement.  STAR needs to determine need for older libraries that don't build under SL5.

SL6:  chos is working - need to do more tests.  Still shooting for January launch.

PGI:  We will remove it from the STAR login scripts and can make it a module although it's not clear if there is a need.

Project Accounts:  JeffP has been testing - staremb works but doesn't show up correctly in NIM.  Next step is to run embedding jobs.

Grid Issues:  Need to finish up the work on pdsfdtn2.

Topics from users:  None.