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March 29

Attending:  Eric, Jeff P., Jay, Andrei, Marojorie, Craig

Utilization:  Cluster has been full to capacity.

Outages/Incidents:  Eliza11, 12 and 13 have all been retired.

Upcoming Downtimes:  NGF downtime 9am Wed. - 8pm Thurs.  During this time ganglia will not be working along with some other displays that are hosted on NGF.  There will also be rolling outages on the batch nodes to push out CVMFS.

Procurements/New Hardware:  No news.  The new shares are not yet in SGE.

Grid Issues:  No response yet from the RT ticket system at BNL.  Discussed getting rid of pdsfgrid2 at some point.

SL6:  ATLAS has started certifying SL6 and will probably want it in the fall (?).