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January 18

PDSF users meeting 1/18/11

Attending: Eric and Jay from NERSC and users Jeff P., Jeff A. and Ian.

Cluster Status/Utilization:  Stable and running at capacity.  There was an issue with a couple users submitting enough jobs to hit the 30k jobs limit.  They have been contacted and responded that they will not submit so many at once in the future.  Jay proposed putting in a limit of 5k jobs per users to help avoid this problem in the future.

Outages:  Partial downtime last Thursday to work on eliza[16-18] and other miscellaneous tasks.  Unfortunately ATLAS was not informed because they were not present at the previous users meeting and we forgot to send an email announcement (but MOTD did have the info).

Upcoming downtimes:  None.

Procurements/New Hardware:  eliza5 order has gone out.  It will add about 20TB to eliza5.

sl302 retirement: still waiting for a downtime when the interactives can be rebooted.  Also, we need to migrate NX to sl53, too.

Topics from users:

- We took a look at the new PDSF pages.  Users didn't have too much feedback yet, but Jeff P. put in a comment on the Research Groups page.