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February 15

Attending:  Eric and Jay from NERSC and users Andrei, Marjorie and Jeff P.

Cluster Utilization:  Filled to capacity

Atlas plans:  many students finishing and new ones are starting so there has been a lull in jobs.

Andrei is using cvmfs.  It is working and should be put on all nodes including the debug node.

Discussed squid for db access on the hill - should it be moved to PDSF?  Not critical for now...

Upcoming downtimes:  eliza4 maintenance

Procurements/new hardware:  Got the new eliza5 storage yesterday.

sl302 retirement is done.

torque/pbs testing:  io resource not working with torque yet...  migration in late March?

grid issues:  will create atlasftr account; Eric to get ATLAS BNL account; Discussed whether PDSF will serve up ATLAS data - not completely clear at this point.

Jay will be on vacation Thursday-Monday