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February 1

PDSF users meeting 2/1/11

Attending: Eric, Katie and Jay from NERSC and users Jeff P. and Andre.

Cluster Status/Utilization:  Cluster has been filled to capacity.  There was some odd scheduling (icecube had far too many jobs running) which was fixed by doing an SGE reboot.

Outages:  No major outages.  SRM needed to be restarted and we discussed getting Iwona out of the loop.

Upcoming downtimes:  There will be a reboot of each of the interactives on Thursday between noon and two.  This is necessary in order to retire sl302.

Procurements/New Hardware:  kamland disk will be in this week and it will be necessary to have an all day maintenance on /eliza5.

Miscellaneous topics:

- We took a look at the new PDSF pages, in particular the announcements feature.

- cvmfs - not much testing done yet, will do more before the next meeting.

- torque test - not much done yet

- Bad job submissions - Especially STAR people seem to submit a lot of jobs without testing first and sometimes they fail.  Jeff P. to tallk to the STAR users.

- SGE job limits:  5k jobs/user, 30k jobs total are in place and documented.

- Project accounts:  There was a meeting to discuss reviving the effort.  Although a decision was not made it seemed positive and the effort will at least be reassessed.

- hardware retirement:  Made plans to make eliza12 and eliza13 read only 2/15 in preparation for retirement.

- Quark matter is in May so it is expected that the cluster will be very busy until then.  Abstracts are due 4/8.