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December 20

Attending:  Eric Larry Iwona Mike Alex Hiroshi JeffP Lisa

Utilization:  100% today - ALICE is back up now.  Outgoing connections got blocked for a while but eventually security fixed it.

Outages:  There was a power outage 2 weeks ago that took down most of the cluster.  Scheduled maintenance last week was extended an extra day in order to address some networking issues that first appear last summer.  SGE upgrade was completed.

SL4:  STAR to find out if they still need the old libraries that are only available under 32sl44.

Upcoming Downtimes:  None scheduled and the cluster will be up over the holiday break.

Procurements:  Nothing in progress.  ALICE states that WLCG accounting starts in April so the would like to get any new hardware by then.

Project Accounts:  Jeff still working on it.  Notes that we should also document myproxylogin.

Elizas:  eliza9 is at 99% and eliza15 is at 98% so they need to be cleaned up.

Grid:  No news.

Topics from Users:  Mike say that both ATLAS grid endpoints are on eliza2 and they would like to move on to some other volume.  This will require moving the existing data and will probably require some sort of downtime.