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April 26

Attending:  Eric, Jay, Jeff P., Jeff A., Marjorie, Andrei

Clusture Utilization:  Filled to capacity.

- eliza18 maintenance has been completed.

-The new website has gone live now.

Procurements:  Putting in new dayabay storage - should be done by the end of the week.

- Need to do network work for the new ALICE storage - this will take a couple weeks at least.

Outage/Incidents:  A downtime will be needed to move to new home - will take 9 hours or less (?) so will allocate a full day, tentatively scheduled for May 25.

Grid Issues:  Have received response from RT and learned that ATLAS grid transfers were failing due to a timeout while doing checksum.  Jay put in a different way to do the checksum and will do some testing of i/o.

- ATLAS has completed their cleanup of /common.