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September 14

PDSF Users Meeting 9/14/10

Attending: Eric and Jay from PDSF and users Jeff P., Joanna and Marjorie.

Cluster status: Cluster is well utilized, primarily by STAR and ALICE. Discussed ALICE memory requirements of 4GB for now.

Outages: Some problems with jobs using up kernel buffers - mainly ALICE - which requires a reboot. The fix has been identified (kernel patch) and is being done.

Upcoming downtimes: Nothing scheduled but will do new home and common at some point.

New hardware: Getting new hardware in - new nodes, ATLAS storage, network equipment and ALICE storage.

SL302 retirement: Scheduled for the end of October.

Other Topics:

- There was some misuse of the "other" queue. Users should not use it for bulk computing and we will work on restricting its use.

- Discussed testing of a new batch system (torque/maui).

- Marjorie noted that they got some excellent support from ops over the weekend.