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October 26

PDSF Users Meeting 10/26/10

Attending: Eric and Elizabeth from NERSC and users Jeff P., Jeff A., Marjorie, Thomas and Joanna.

Cluster status: Cluster has been full for the most part, mostly STAR, ATLAS and ALICE

Outages: There was a security problem which came up late last Friday and required logins to be blocked. It ended up being fairly serious and things didn't start coming back until the next day. There were some comments about users, mostly at CERN, not knowing what the situation was. This was due in part to the timing (happened at close of business Friday) and also that NERSC simply didn't know when things would come back up.

There were also two power issues: On Sunday there was a power sag that ended up only taking down 4 nodes and on Monday there was another incident that took out about half the cluster.

Upcoming downtimes: Nothing scheduled.

New hardware: 16 new nodes are in. New storage to be online in the next couple weeks.

SL302 retirement: Scheduled for 11/1.

Other Topics:

- Jeff A.said that he has updateed the google docs about the CERN VM and they are eager to get it working again.

- Marjorie said bestman went down and Iwona was nice enough to restart it. We discussed who is going to take over those responsibilities and it is not clear yet but it might be Elizabeth.

- Eric brought up the new NERSC website and said we'd try to do some testing with users on the same day as our next users meeting.