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October 12

PDSF Users Meeting 10/12/10

Attending: Eric, Jay and Katie from NERSC and users Craig Jeff P., Jeff A., Marjorie and Andrei.

Cluster status: Cluster usage is fairly heavy but not filled to capacity for the most part.

Outages: There have been problems with slowness which is related to a particular ATLAS user's jobs starting. It's not clear why his jobs are so bad and further testing is needed. pdsff3 went down yesterday which was related to the kernel bug. Were down for a day recently due to a security problem and there was also a power outage at OSF.

Upcoming downtimes: Nothing in October.

New hardware: End of fiscal year orders are done. Everything should be online in the next couple weeks.

SL302 retirement: Scheduled for 11/1.

Other Topics:

- Jay gone untili 10/26.

- Iwona no longer working on PDSF.

- Some discussion of finding out from users what requirements they want for a new batch system. Will be discussed at steering meeting.

- Discussed inode usage by dayabay on /project - they will ask for more.

- People brought up shortcomings of current ticket system. It was explained that NERSC is looking into a replacement and users were encouraged to let their requirements be known.