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November 9

PDSF Users Meeting 11/9/10

Attending: Eric, Katie and Jay from NERSC and users Jeff P., Craig, Lisa, Jeff A., Cheng Ju, Marjorie and Maxim.

Cluster status: Cluster has been full Up to 1200 cores now.

Outages: Yesterday there were GPFS problems related to configuration problems with GPFS on the new nodes. There were also two outages due to security problems.

Upcoming downtimes: At some point there will be downtime for home and common replacement.

New hardware: eliza 11, 12 and 13 are being set up for dayabay and atlas.

SL302 retirement: Was scheduled for 11/1 but is still around.

Other Topics:

- Maxim brought up the dayabay setup for running OSF jobs. This had already be resolved through tickets - they will run as dayabay, not as osf.

- Lisa brought up the quota problems on eliza7. This is because the quotas add up to more than the actual space on the disk. There is a ticket and Jay will take care of it.

- Jeff A. mentioned that the CERN VM ticket has been updated and there are still some issues to work out.

- Jeff P. discussed their use of bestman on pdsfdtn. pdsfsrm is going away at some point.