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November 23

PDSF Users Meeting 11/23/10

Attending: Eric, Katie and Jay from NERSC and users Jeff P., Craig and Marjorie.

Cluster status: Cluster has been relatively full, primarily STAR, ALICE and ATLAS.

Outages: There was a power outage Saturday related to the stormy weather that brought down some nodes. eliza16 had some configuration issues related to a kernal issue.

Upcoming downtimes: At some point there will be downtime for home and common replacement.

New hardware: 3 new file systems are available now: eliza16 (dayabay), eliza17 (STAR) and eliza18 (ATLAS/CDF). eliza16 is fiberchannel, eliza17 and eliza18 are not so they use different drivers and don't seem to see the problem eliza16 had.

SL302 retirement: To go away next Monday now.

Other Topics:

- ATLAS is planning to start doing local file system caching on the compute nodes.

- Jeff P. discussed data transfers from BNL. He reported moving 7 TB in one day and can get 100 MB/s doint 12-16 jobs, 4 streams each, writing to eliza6 through both pdsfdtn and pdsfsrm. We discussed pdsfdtn getting overloaded recently.

- Jay mentioned that SL6 is coming. No experiments expressed a need for it yet.