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May 11

PDSF Users Meeting 5/11/10

Attending: Eric and Jay from PDSF and users Andrei and Craig.

Cluster status: Utilization has been fairly light.

Outages: There was a problem when a user caused SGE to hit its maximum of 30k jobs. This prevented other users from submitting jobs. It took most of the day to carefully resolve the issue.

Upcoming downtimes: in June/July will have multiple days center-wide outage.

New hardware: Will star ordering new Intel Westmeer chip with 6 cores/socket and 12 cores/node. HEPspec=170.

ATLAS grid activities. Putting in password for atlassw group and it will be given to Andrei.

Other Topics:

- Her Steiner had problems with his .cshrc that we will investigate.

- There was a discussion about how to get more detailed information from SGE like you can get with Maui. There isn't really an easy solution to this issue but we will think about possible ways to make things better.