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March 16

PDSF Users Meeting 3/16/10

Cluster status: Utilization has been moderate, cluster not loaded to capacity.

Outages: None.

Upcoming downtimes: Eliza4 work will be scheduled. Also, memory will become a consumable resource in SGE - users will need to set memory limit if not the default 1GB.

New hardware: Working on ATLAS storage and ALICE nodes.

Retirement plan: Racks 21, 22, 28 are gone. Upgrading rack 24 to SL5. Will be taking out ract 25 and 26 and then we won't have any 32-bit nodes.

ATLAS grid activities. Iwona has set up pdsfgrid3, Andrei is working on getting the storage element working - he is going to go to cern and talk to atlas grid experts. Keith will test also.

Other Topics:

- STAR file catalog: This topic came up for discussion but we really needed Jeff P. to answer the questions. New db nodes for STAR are getting set up with mysql, etc.

- STAR libraries: Art brought up how he has to use one library to do work and an older one to run his plotting macros on (due to ROOT versioning). Eric have a status report that all libraries are now built on PDSF except dev which continues to have problems.