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January 5

PDSF Users Meeting 1/5/10

Attending: Eric and Jay from PDSF and users Andrew, Andrei, Marjorie, Craig, Jeff A. and Jeff P.

Cluster status: Utilization has been very light, mostly STAR jobs. There was a question about the status of /eliza1 and whether it was truly gone and it is. Apparently some users didn't have their data backed up and lost it (despite announcements).

Outages: None.

Upcoming downtimes: System-wide outage has been rescheduled for 1/11/10. STAR and ATLAS work scheduled were discussed. The outage will include an SGE upgrade and conversion of interactives to SL5 if time permits. The SGE upgrade is thought to fix the job array accounting bug.

New hardware: Order has been place for a dedicated data transfer node but there were some issues with the paperwork so it was delayed.

ATLAS grid node: Iwona has set it up and will update ticket so ATLAS people can test. There was a discussion about data transfers in general and what exactly the "ATLAS grid node" was. It is in fact a misleading title for a topic as it isn't a physically separate node. That possibility was considered early on hence the title but is in fact the same bestman installation that STAR is using just reconfigured some for ATLAS.

Squid/fuse: Squid is working well in Yushu's office for the time being.

Other Topics:

- STAR project accounts testing: This was delayed due to the holiday break but progress is expected very soon.

- It was noted that some of Yushu's ticket's were not getting completed in as timely a fashion as desired.

- Craig mentiong the dayabay mock data challenge and how they are using scp and it is very slow (not surprising) and they want to work on a better method of transfers.