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February 2

PDSF Users Meeting 2/2/10

Attending: Eric, Jay and Iwona from PDSF and users Andrei, Marjorie, and Jeff P.

Cluster status: Utilization has been light

Outages: None

Upcoming downtimes: None, but Jay mentioned sending a list of nodes for retirement to the pdsf-pi email list.

New hardware: Data transfer node has been reaced and has power and installation should be completed this week We will keep the old node alive for a while. ATLAS storage order has been placed. /eliza11 will be retired at the end of July. New db nodes are coming for STAR in about 1 week.

ATLAS grid activities. Bestman passes tests, and ATLAS people will continue testing.

SL5 news: pdsf1 and pdsf5 now have SL5 and the other interactives will be upgraded in the next few weeks. We will send out instructions on how to run SL5 batch jobs my modifying one's .sge_request file. 32-bit SL5 could be done but is not currently available.

Squid/Fuse: Yushu apparently not too impreseed with the performance improvement (~20% for short jobs and compiling).

Other Topics:

- STAR project accounts testing: pdsf5 has been set up and the testing is in progress.

- i/o limits on new elizas: There was a request to raise them to 4-500 and it was agreed upon.