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February 16

PDSF Users Meeting 2/16/10

Cluster status: Utilization has been light, mostly icecube and STAR.

Outages: None

Upcoming downtimes: None, but PDSF will be short-staffed for a while with Iwona taking leave and Jay and Eric taking some vacation time.

New hardware: ATLAS storave and ALICE nodes in progress, still working on some details related to ALICE storage. New db nodes finally arrived today.

Retirement plan: Jay sent out a document a couple weeks ago - next week we will start retirement. STAR needs to take care of their data...

ATLAS grid activities. ATLAS is testing, and we discussed the issue of support in Iwona's absence.

SL5: Eric forgot to send out the instructions for running SL5 batch jobs. Promised to do it right after the meeting.

Squid/Fuse: No new news.

Other Topics:

- STAR project accounts testing: Found a flaw in model - the wanted to copy data w/srm-copy into HPSS but project accounts can't have a grid certificate. No solution at present.

- /common protection: We discussed whether we could get this implemented. Apparently theissue comes down to moving SGE off of /common and there are complications involved.

- Longer-term planning: A desire was expressed for more longer-term higher level planning discussion. This is not really in the scope of this meeting but would instead be part of the steering committee meeting which doesn't happen very often. There happened to be one the next day and it was to be discussed there.

- STAR library problems: These are maintained by Eric and there have been problems getting them to build. Since Eric was going on vacation we came up with a plan of how to proceed in Eric's absence.