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December 21

PDSF Users Meeting 12/21/10

Attending:  Eric and Jay from NERSC and users Andrei and Jeff P.

Cluster status and utilization:  Cluster has been loaded to capacity recently.  STAR is running a lot of jobs, many of the grid-based and submitted from BNL.  ALICE, ATLAS and icecube also running.

Outages and Downtimes:  There was an NGF downtime on the 16th, otherwise things have been stable for the most part.

Procurements and New Hardware:  Will get more storage for kamland.  It will be an added on to eliza5.

sl302 retirement:  Not done yet, requires some downtime so waiting for a downtime.

Topics from users:

- Jeff P reported that ALICE is not running for now.  There was a neew major software release and central services were turned off.  He expect to be back to running 3-400 jobs soon.

- Jeff P reported that STAR production was proceeding faster than expected but Levente was getting too much of STAR's share and his extra high priority should be reduced.

- Andre brought up CMVFS.  It was on pdsf1 for testing and Jay will push it out to the other interactives today.  Will also create cvmfs resource in SGE.

- Jeff P reported that the local disk monitoring script was no longer running.  Jay to fix.

- Eric mentioned that a demo of the new PDSF website will happen at the next users meeting.

- Jay reported that torque/maui is set up to use the nodes in rack 24 with sl53.  Need to get out some documentation so people can test.