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PDSF work 3/6/12 - /project down and SL4 retirement

February 28, 2012

Next Tuesday, March 6, we need to remount /project.  We will do this from 8-10am local time.  This will only affect batch jobs and interactive use of /project.  We will set projectio to 0 the night before so if your jobs specify projectio they will quit starting until after the downtime.  If your jobs use /project and don't specify projectio (they should) they will fail when we unmount /project.

On the same day we plan to retire the chos environments sl44 and 32sl44.  If you are still using either of them you should switch to sl53.  While this has been planned for quite some time if it causes serious problems for you let us know.  We do plan to retire it in an easily reversible way just in case of unforeseen problems.