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The PDSF compute systems were permanently brought down on March 31st, 2019.  PDSF login nodes will be powered off on July 31, 2019. The PDSF webpages will be also un-published on July 31.


PDSF is a networked distributed computing cluster designed primarily to meet the detector simulation and data analysis requirements of physics, astrophysics and nuclear science collaborations.  For more details see About PDSF.



Find out more about PDSF, including a general overview, and information about research groups and staff... Read More »

Getting Started

Guidance on obtaining a new user account, access, passwords, and setup files... Read More »

Hardware Configuration

Provides guidance on hardware configurations, including: login, compute, grid and transfer nodes, and working with particular file systems. Read More »

Using SLURM PDSF Batch - sbatch

A users guide to submitting jobs, I/O resources, working with batch jobs, and managing your jobs. Read More »

Performance and Optimization

Provides recommendations on best practices for optimizing your system and jobs Read More »

Software and Tools

These softwares and tools provide resources needed to create the Linux environment, checking quotas, accelerate Remote X performance, Print, Email, setup Andrew File System, and host webpages. Read More »

Announcements and Meetings

Current announcements, scheduled meetings, and available mailing lists. Read More »

Cluster Statistics

This section includes pages about Batch Summaries, Ganglia, Usage Summaries, Utilization Graphs, HPSS statistics, and Network Activity. Read More »

Getting help

Whether you've lost your password, are having trouble compiling or running an application or are a new user seeking advice, we can help, see these pages for more... Read More »

PDSF Group Pages

The PDSF group pages are intended to be a place to document group-specific information.  Users are encouraged to use the Group Pages Update Request Form to contribute any material specific to your experiment that you'd like to have on these… Read More »

PDSF Completed Jobs

View information about complete batch jobs here. Read More »


here are pages with depreciated content, kept temporarily until whole PDSF web-pages cleanup process is completed,… Read More »