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Hopper batch queue boundary changes and 25% discount for reg_med

June 17, 2011 by Francesca Verdier (0 Comments)

Effective immediately, the following changes to the Hopper batch queue boundaries (affecting reg_med, reg_short, reg_small, and low queues only) have been made, and a 25% charging discount to reg_med queue is now applied.

New configuration:

reg_short: 1-683 nodes, 1-16,392 cores

reg_small: 1-683 nodes, 1-16,392 cores

reg_med: 684-2048 nodes, 16,393-49,152 cores, charge factor 0.75

low: 1-683 nodes, 1-16,392 cores

We have also increased the run limit of reg_1hour, reg_short, and reg_small queues from 6 to 8, and the run limit of reg_med queue from 2 to 3.

See: Hopper Queue Configuration.

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