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Java support on genepool: java6 (jdk1.6) will be removed on 08/30/2013; firefox security updates

June 28, 2013


Oracle has stopped releasing free security updates for java6; and thus it will need to be removed from the system in the near future.
Do you have code that is using java6?  If so, please start testing with java 7.  The plan is to completely remove the system installations of java 6 on 08/30/2013 (both from modules and from the legacy /jgi/tools installations).  Please let NERSC know if you find cases where java 7 does not work correctly for your code or application!
firefox has been updated to version 22 in the modules installation (module load firefox).  Since it is repairing a major security issue in prior versions, all previous version of firefox will be removed from the system on 07/09/2013 (from both modules and the legacy /jgi/tools installations).
Please contact consult at if you have any questions,
Doug Jacobsen


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