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Crius to Genepool Transition Schedule

February 17, 2012 by Katie Antypas


Current Transition Schedule and Cluster Status

The last group to be transitioned to Genepool is Fungal.

DateGroupTransitioned?Genepool NodesCrius Nodes
Week of February 17th NERSC testing YES 41 449
Week of February 20th R&D YES 83 407
Week of February 27th Vista + Comparative YES 123 367
Week of March 5th IMG/Microbial YES 290 regular + 12 high mem 200
Week of March 12th Plant YES 370 reg, 13 high mem
Week of March 19th None -- User Meeting   370 reg, 13 high mem 80
Week of March 26th Fungal + all others No 490 0


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