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[Users] App Readiness Training Today (NUG 2016)2016-03-23 08:36:37Jack Deslippe <>
[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter2016-03-22 22:29:43Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC User Group Executive Committee election results2016-03-21 16:11:29Richard Gerber <>
[Jgi-users] A quick note on Genepool qlogins2016-03-21 14:14:03Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of March 21, 20162016-03-21 08:37:26Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Jgi-users] Reminder: NERSC New User Training today2016-03-16 13:35:32Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter2016-03-15 16:19:43Daniel Udwary <>
[Cori-users] Cori scheduled maintenance next Tuesday, March 222016-03-15 15:30:39Yun He <>
[Babbage-users] Babbage testbed status update2016-03-14 19:13:04Yun He <>
[Users] NERSC Users Group Meeting Next Week2016-03-14 15:13:16Richard Gerber <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of March 14, 20162016-03-14 08:05:08Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter2016-03-09 06:51:16Daniel Udwary <>
[Edison-users] Edison will be unavailable on 3/16/2016 8:00am-17:00pm PDT.2016-03-07 16:18:27Zhengji Zhao <>
[account-managers] Fwd: Nominations are open for 2016 NERSC Scientific Achievement Awards2016-03-07 11:58:19Richard Gerber <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of March 7, 20162016-03-07 08:52:36Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Edison-users] A shorter purging period will be implemented on Edison starting 4/1/20162016-03-03 14:39:29Zhengji Zhao <>
[Jgi-users] Jenkins and Mendel returned to service2016-03-03 12:04:33Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NUGEX Election2016-03-03 07:02:14Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter2016-03-01 14:05:35Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of February 29, 20162016-02-29 08:09:42Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Cori-users] Cori available now with new SW default versions2016-02-28 00:09:26Yun He <>
[Jgi-users] Genepool is returned to service2016-02-27 23:59:05Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter - IMPORTANT POWER OUTAGE INFO!!2016-02-23 15:24:13Daniel Udwary <>
[Cori-users] Cori Scratch Filesystem Regular Purge Starting March 1st2016-02-22 15:48:06Wahid Bhimji <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of February 22, 20162016-02-22 08:14:22Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Jgi-users] A quick note on gpint usage and assignments2016-02-19 09:49:12Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] JGI-NERSC Weekly Newsletter - Feb 16, 20162016-02-16 21:58:32Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] Genepool functioning normally again2016-02-16 14:29:24Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] Problems today with gpints2016-02-16 12:01:18Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of February 15, 20162016-02-16 07:59:31Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Users] Nominations are open for 2016 NERSC Scientific Achievement Awards2016-02-12 16:01:38Richard Gerber <>
[Users] Reminder: NUG monthly telecon at 11am PT2016-02-11 10:21:54Deborah Bard <>
[Cori-users] 2/9 Cori batch job loss2016-02-10 09:17:07Wahid Bhimji <>
[Jgi-users] NERSC Office Hours2016-02-09 16:57:15Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of February 8, 20162016-02-08 08:09:34Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Jgi-users] Having Genepool login issues? Important ssh info!2016-02-05 15:25:56Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC Downtime Due to CRT Building Power Outage Postponed2016-02-05 07:02:54Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Jgi-users] [NERSC Downtime] Quarterly maintenance; power outage2016-02-04 16:47:20Kjiersten Fagnan <>
Re: [Jgi-users] NERSC Training session this week2016-02-04 14:48:28Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] NERSC Training session starts in 10 minutes!2016-02-03 15:21:48Daniel Udwary <>
Re: [Jgi-users] NERSC Office Hours2016-02-03 09:58:44Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] NERSC Office Hours2016-02-02 08:52:51Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] NERSC Training session this week2016-02-02 06:10:17Daniel Udwary <>
[Babbage-users] Reminder: Babbage offline for up to a month from Feb 82016-02-01 11:11:31Yun He <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of February 1, 20162016-02-01 08:18:58Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Edison-users] Edison will be unavailable next Wednesday, 2/3/2016 8:00-17:00 PST2016-01-27 13:47:38Zhengji Zhao <>
[Jgi-users] NERSC Office Hours and training session announcement2016-01-27 09:28:35Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] Fwd: For your review2016-01-26 15:30:33Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of January 25, 20162016-01-25 08:16:06Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Users] "Advanced OpenMP" Training on Thursday, February 42016-01-21 15:37:43Yun He <>
[Users] REMINDER: NUG Teleconference/Webinar NOW (Thu. 11 a.m. PST)2016-01-21 11:01:23Richard Gerber <>
Re: [Jgi-users] [jgi-psf_lbnl] Important information about ssh authorized_keys2016-01-19 14:16:40Kjiersten Fagnan <>
[Jgi-users] Important information about ssh authorized_keys2016-01-19 13:57:11Daniel Udwary <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of January 18, 20162016-01-18 08:41:08Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Jgi-users] Important information about SSH keys2016-01-15 17:38:50Daniel Udwary <>
[Cori-users] Cori maintenance and dedicated time Wed 01/20 5:30-19:00 PST2016-01-14 10:26:41Wahid Bhimji <>
[Users] Welcome to the new NERSC allocation year2016-01-13 15:17:19Richard Gerber <>
[Jgi-users] NERSC Office hours2016-01-12 22:55:59Daniel Udwary <>
[Jgi-users] Fwd: [jgi-psf_lbnl] NERSC User Survey-JGI Staff Feedback2016-01-12 12:17:28Kjiersten Fagnan <>
[Users] NERSC user survey2016-01-12 10:57:00Sudip Dosanjh <>
[Jgi-users] Genepool news and updates2016-01-11 14:47:03Kjiersten Fagnan <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of January 4, 20162016-01-11 08:09:38Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>
[Users] Candidates for NUGEX + 2015 NERSC Users' Survey2016-01-08 15:13:35Richard Gerber <>
[Jgi-users] Genepool returned to service2016-01-05 16:45:52Kjiersten Fagnan <>
[Jgi-users] NERSC office hours and training slides2016-01-05 16:38:07Daniel Udwary <>
[Edison-users] Edison will be unavailable this Thursday, 1/7/2016 8:00-17:00 PST2016-01-05 15:37:04Zhengji Zhao <>
[Jgi-users] Genepool is down2016-01-05 15:14:55Kjiersten Fagnan <>
[Users] Please take the NERSC user survey2016-01-05 07:57:05Richard Gerber <>
[Users] Edison is available!2016-01-04 15:33:33Richard Gerber <>
[Users] NERSC Weekly Email, Week of January 4, 20162016-01-04 08:03:00Rebecca Hartman-Baker <>