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Interactive Jobs

Interactive Batch Jobs

The login nodes on Genepool should not be used for heavy interactive work.  These login nodes are shared amoungst all Genepool users so heavy CPU or memory usage will affect other Genepool users.  

10 nodes have been reserved on Genepool for high priority and interactive work.  Each user can use up to 2 slots at a time in the high priority queue.

Use the qlogin command to run jobs interactively.  The example below shows how to request an interactive session on Genepool . 

genepool:$~> qlogin -l high.c

This will put you directly onto a node where you can do interactive work.

kmfagnan@genepool01:~$ qlogin -l high.c

Your job 1459021 ("QLOGIN") has been submitted
waiting for interactive job to be scheduled ......
Your interactive job 1459021 has been successfully scheduled.
Establishing builtin session to host ... kmfagnan@x4170a01:~$

 You can use qlogin to get on any compute node in the cluster, the high.c complex just routes you to the less utilized high-priority nodes.  For example, to do an interactive login session on the new, whole-node schedulable hardware:


genepool:$~> qlogin -l exclusive.c


Submit hosts for specific groups

Users can also run interactive work on the interactive/analysis nodes dedicated for various groups.  See the list of interactive resources available to your group.