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Running Jobs

Submitting Jobs

How to submit your job to the UGE. Read More »

Running with Java

Solutions to some of the common problems users have with running on Genepool when the JVM is part of their workflow. Read More »

Batch Script Examples

Sample batch scripts for Genepool/Phoebe highlighting queue selection, setting the run time and requesting large amounts of memory. Read More »

Interactive Jobs

How to run your workflow on the interactive nodes. Read More »

Job Arrays on Genepool

Job arrays are a way to efficiently submit large numbers of jobs. Read More »

Parallel Batch Scripts

This page has examples of how to run parallel jobs on Genepool. Read More »

Best Practices - and Practices to Avoid

Things users should do to run jobs efficiently using UGE. Read More »

Monitoring and Managing Jobs

Information on how to monitor and modify your jobs after they've been submitted. Read More »

Accounting - What happened with that job?

Find out about your group's usage and how charging calculations are done. Read More »

Submitting jobs to Denovo

  Submitting your job If you are submitting your job on Denovo using SLURM you do NOT need to source any batch settings. If you are submitting your job on Denovo using UGE you do DO need to source UGE batch settings. The batch environment can be loaded into your path using modules.  If qsub is not working properly, check to make sure that the uge module is loaded: module load uge Alternatively, add it to your ~/.bashrc.ext [ "$NERSC_HOST" == denovo ] && module load uge If you… Read More »