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Q: I'm getting an "unable to obtain remote site info" error, what does this mean?

HSI Failure
dmj@genepool01:~$ hsi
hpssex_OpenConnection: unable to obtain remote site info
result = -42002, errno = 9
Unable to setup communication to HPSS...
*** HSI: error opening logging
Error - authentication/initialization failed
dmj@genepool01:~$ which hsi
dmj@genepool01:~$ /jgi/tools/bin/hsi

Answer: Check your dotfiles

This is most frequently caused because the PATH environment variable has been manually manipulated to have /jgi/tools/bin too early the in the PATH.  The version of hsi installed in /jgi/tools is too old and should not be used. Make sure your .bashrc.ext, .tcshrc.ext or other dot files do not modify PATH with any extraneous paths.  /jgi/tools/bin should not be manually inserted into the PATH, as it is already put in in an appropriate position by the system defaults.

HSI Success
dmj@genepool01:~$ hsi
*            * * *  NOTICE TO USERS  * * *                            *
*                                                                     *
*   This computer is a Federal computer system and is the property of *
*   the United States Government.  It is for authorized use only.     *
*              NERSC HPSS User SYSTEM (             *
Username: dmj  UID: 56094  Acct: 56094(56094) Copies: 1 Firewall: off [hsi. Thu May 23 16:17:15 PDT 2013][V4.0.1.2_2013_05_20.01]
A:/home/d/dmj-> quit
dmj@genepool01:~$ which hsi