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The Genepool system is a cluster dedicated to the DOE Joint Genome Institute's computing needs.  Phoebe is a smaller test system for Genepool that is primarily used by NERSC staff to test new system configurations and  software.

Updates and Status

Find information on known problems, open issues, and recent announcements. Read More »

Getting started

Learn how to log in and get started Read More »


The Genepool system will be made up of a heterogeneous collection of nodes to serve the diverse workload of the JGI users. Read More »

User Environment

When users log into Genepool/Phoebe they have the default global homes environment which includes the JGI software and tools. Read More »


The Genepool system has a rich set of software development tools and build environments. Read More »


Users can access software in /jgi/tools. In the future NERSC will create software modules and details regarding software maintenance and access will be found here. Read More »

Queues and Policies

Learn about the fair share batch scheduler and queues used on Genepool/Phoebe Read More »

Running Jobs

UGE (Formerly Sun Grid Engine) is the batch system used on Genepool and Phoebe, this section will tell you how to run jobs using this system. Read More »

Cluster Statistics

Basic user and group usage statistiscs. Read More »

File storage and I/O

There are 5 main areas on Genepool where users can read, write and store data. This page documents the purpose and performance of each one. Read More »

Data Management

Move your data from Netapps to /project b or /house. Back up and delete data from house! Read More »

Supported Systems

List of systems supported by NERSC and those systems that are still supported by the JGI directly. Read More »


Tape Archival: hsi / htar Q: I'm getting an "unable to obtain remote site info" error, what does this mean? HSI Failure dmj@genepool01:~$ hsi hpssex_OpenConnection: unable to obtain remote site info result = -42002, errno = 9 Unable to setup communication to HPSS... *** HSI: error opening logging Error - authentication/initialization failed dmj@genepool01:~$ which hsi dmj@genepool01:~$ /jgi/tools/bin/hsi Answer: Check your dotfiles This is most frequently caused because the PATH environment… Read More »

Performance and Optimization

Performance and Optimization tuning parameters for various software packages Read More »

Genepool Completed Jobs

This is a Beta site, please send questions and comments to Read More »

Genepool Training and Tutorials

This is a summary page for the trainings and tutorial sessions that have been given at the JGI.  So far we have just posted presentations and talks from 2013, we will work on getting the slides from 2012. Read More »

Websites, databases and cluster services

Regulations and best practices for running and using network services. Read More »