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Edison enters production on Jan 14, 2014

January 14, 2014

Edison system has been officially accepted by NERSC and will be in production when the 2014 NERSC Allocation Year (AY) begins on Jan. 14.  To account for its greater computational capability per node, time used on Edison will be charged against your AY 2014 allocation at a rate twice that of time used on Hopper.

There are a number of changes on Edison which take effect when new AY starts.

  • In AY13 Edison utilized "fairshare" batch job scheduling.  Beginning in AY14, Edison will start using the same age-based scheduling method that is used on Hopper and Carver. 
  • In AY13 there were no repository charges for Edison use.  Beginning in AY14, repo charging will begin, using the same charging algorithm as the other NERSC MPP systems (note that the machine charge factor for Edison is 2.0; for comparison, Hopper's charge factor is 1.0, and Carver's is 1.5).
  • The low and premium queues will be enabled.
  • The maximum node count for the reg_small, ccm_queue, low, and killable queues will be raised from 512 to 682.
  • The minimum node count for reg_med will be raised to 683.
  • Any job requesting 683 or more nodes will receive a 25% charging discount (unless run in the premium queue).  Such jobs also receive a "one-day" scheduling priority boost.