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Batch Jobs

Bare-Bones Batch Script

The simplest Edison batch script will look something like this.

#PBS -q regular
#PBS -l mppwidth=48
#PBS -l walltime=00:10:00

aprun -n 48 ./my_executable

This example illustrates the basic parts of a script:

  • Job directive lines begin with #PBS. These "Torque Directives" tell the batch system how many nodes to reserve for your job and how long to reserve those nodes. Directives can also specify things like what to name STDOUT files, what account to charge, whether to notify you by email when your job finishes, etc.
  • $PBS_O_WORKDIR holds the path to the directory from which you submitted your job. While not required, most batch scripts have "cd $PBS_O_WORKDIR" as the first command after the directives.
  • The aprun command is used to start execution of your code on Edison's compute nodes.