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Quick Start for Edison Users

Quick Start for Edison Users You should be able to compile codes the same way you do on Edison when you have the same programming environment loaded. Same as Edison, the default programming environment on Cori is PrgEnv-intel.  Cray and GNU compilers are also available on Cori. This is a quick start guide to migrate from Edison to use Cori Haswell nodes.  To compile for Cori KNL nodes, please refer to more information in the Compiling Code on Cori page. Overview For all the compilers, Cray… Read More »

Compiling Codes on Cori

Cray provides a convenient set of wrapper commands that should be used in almost all cases for compiling and linking parallel programs. Invoking the wrappers will automatically link codes with the MPI libraries and other Cray system software libraries. All the MPI and Cray system include directories are also transparently imported. This page shows examples of how to compile codes on Cori. Read More »

Programming models

Parallel programming models at NERSC Since the transition from vector to distributed memory (MPP) supercomputer architectures, the majority of HPC applications deployed on NERSC resources have evolved to use MPI as their sole means of expressing parallelism. As single processor core compute nodes on MPP architectures gave way to multicore processors, applying the same abstraction (processes passing messages) to each available core remained an attractive alternative - no code changes were… Read More »

Additional Programming Models

Overview While we often provide quick-start documentation for compiling and running applications using MPI and OpenMP on NERSC systems, the same does not always exist for other supported parallel programming models such as UPC or Chapel. At the same time, we know that these alternative programming models may play a valuable role in enabling application readiness for next-generation architectures. Therefore, in order to enable users to more easily begin running applications written using these… Read More »