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NERSC has launched the NERSC Exascale Science Applications Program, a collaborative effort in which NERSC will partner with code teams and library and tools developers to prepare for the NERSC-8 Cori manycore architecture.

NESAP represents an important opportunity for researchers to prepare application codes for the new architecture and to help advance the missions of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science. The NESAP partnership will allow 20 projects to collaborate with NERSC, Cray, and Intel by providing access to early hardware, special training and preparation sessions with Intel and Cray staff.  Eight of those 20 will also have an opportunity for a postdoctoral researcher to investigate computational science issues associated with energy-efficient manycore systems.  In addition, about 24 more projects as well as library and tools developers will participate in NESAP via NERSC training sessions and early access to prototype and production hardware.  

The 20 selected projects were chosen based on computational and scientific reviews by NERSC and other DOE staff.  NESAP began during Fall 2014 and will remain active as the Cori system is delivered to NERSC in mid-2016. During this period, twenty of the project teams, guided by NERSC, Cray, and Intel, will undertake intensive efforts to adapt software to take advantage of Cori's Knights Landing manycore architecture and to use the resultant codes to produce pathbreaking science on an architecture that may represent an approach to exascale systems.

Resources available to NESAP Code Teams
  • A partner from NERSC’s Application Readiness team who will assist with code profiling and optimization
  • Access to Cray and Intel resources to help with code optimization
  • Up to 1M MPP hours in 2014 and 2M MPP hours in 2015 for code testing, optimization, scaling and debugging on Edison
  • Early access to prototype Knights Landing processor hardware (expected in late 2015)
  • Early access and significant hours on the full Cori system (expected delivery mid-2016)
  • Opportunity for a Post-doctoral researcher to be placed within your application team (NERSC will fund 8 Post-doctoral researchers and place each one within one of the 20 NESAP teams meaning that approximately 40% of NESAP applications teams will include a NERSC sponsored Post-doc)

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