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Change Log

NERSC-8 / Trinity Benchmarks Change Log

09/03/2013 Correction applied to MiniDFT web-page (to remove inconsistency with MiniDFT README). Capability Improvement measurements do not require 10,000 MPI ranks per k-point.
08/06/2013 Various pages have changed to remove "draft" status
08/02/2013 Correction added to FLOP Counts for "Small" Single-Node Miniapplication Tests page
07/12/2013 README files updated for IOR benchmark to correct an error in wording (no code changes);
README file updated for osu-micro-benchmarks (OMB) changing the tests required and conditions including reinserting some tests that had been deleted earlier
07/05/2013 README updated for mpimemu benchmark;
Revised version of benchmark results spreadsheet (linked on SSP web page);
clarification to benchmark run rules 
07/03/2013 Floating-point operation count for "small" test problems added for reference at bottom of SSP web page and in benchmark results spreadsheet
06/28/2013 PSNAP tar file added;
OMB MPI test update: new code version (3.8), minor change to MPI latency test, and several tests eliminated;
Old benchmark results spreadsheet on SSP web page removed.  An updated benchmark results spreadsheet will be provided next week.
06/14/2013 Benchmark run rules updated to reflect SNAP changes
06/12/2013 Reference SSP calculation updated to reflect SNAP changes;
New Benchmark Results Spreadsheet (with example and reference SSP calculations) added to SSP web page;
New NERSC-8 Capability Improvement Results Spreadsheet added;
SNAP miniapp update (new problem definition, README changes)
06/04/2013 MiniDFT: update to README regarding Capability Improvement; added sample output for capability run (see MiniDFT change log included with code)
06/03/2013 Correction to MILC web page regarding Capability Improvement to match README included with distribution
Capability Improvement rules moved to separate document; changes  to miniDFT CI rules
05/30/2013 GTC: misc. code edits 
MiniDFT updated (see MiniDFT change log included with code);
MILC: README updated with more capability improvement details and one minor code change; 
Sample output for Capability Improvement tests on Hopper added for GTC, MILC, miniDFT
05/20/2013 SSP page updated;
Benchmark Run Rules updated;
UMT updated to include sample output file;
AMG README and web page updated, includes instruction to report iterations
05/10/2013 Benchmark run rules draft document updated (In the "Base Case" section) and NERSC capability improvement run instructions added
05/06/2013 SNAP and UMT READMEs were changed; no change to the codes
05/01/2013 SNAP miniapp update, principle change is README
04/26/2013 - SSP page updated with Hopper value;
- MILC and GTC READMEs updated;
- miscellaneous MiniDFT updates and v1.04 released
04/19/2013 Initial version of SNAP miniapplication benchmark added; SSP reference calculation updated
03/29/2013 Initial versions of AMG, UMT, and IOR added; tar file for initial version of mdtest added
03/22/2013 File name for the existing MiniFE tar file download changed from MiniFE0.9.tar to MiniFE_ref_1.4b.tar.  Contents did not change, only the file name changed, was always version ref_1.4b.tar
03/06/2013 MiniContact removed; MiniDFT released; SSP reference counts and times (Hopper) added for MILC, MiniFE, MiniGhost, MiniDFT, and GTC
02/26/2013 Draft Benchmark Run Rules added on main page
02/22/2013  MiniGhost v0.9 added; MiniFE v0.9 added
02/21/2013  A page describing the SSP with a sample calculation was added to the site.
02/15/2013  MILC changes, various, see web page