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NERSC-8 / Trinity Benchmarks


These benchmark programs are for use as part of the joint NERSC / ACES NERSC-8/Trinity system procurement.  There are two basic kinds of benchmarks:

MiniApplications: miniFE, miniGhost, AMG, UMT, GTC, MILC, SNAP, and miniDFT
MicroBenchmarks: Pynamic, STREAM, OMB, SMB, ZiaTest, IOR, Metabench, PSNAP, FSTest, mpimemu, and UPC_FT

The SSP is an aggregate measure based on selected runs of the MiniApplications.  

  • SSP Brief description, sample calculation, and Hopper baseline SSP value.
  • Change Log
  • miniFE MiniFE mimics the finite element generation, assembly and solution for an unstructured grid problem.
  • MiniGhost a Finite Difference mini-application that implements a difference stencil across a homogenous three dimensional domain.
  • AMG AMG is a parallel algebraic multigrid solver for linear systems arising from problems on unstructured grids.
  • UMT UMT is a 3-D, deterministic, multigroup, photon transport code for unstructured meshes.
  • GTC 3D Gyrokinetic Toroidal Code
  • SNAP SNAP is a proxy for the performance of a modern discrete ordinates neutral particle transport application.
  • MILC MILC represents part of a set of codes used to study Lattice Quantum ChromoDynamics (QCD).
  • MiniDFT MiniDFT is intended to capture the performance-critical portions of a density functional theory materials science computation.
  • NPB UPC-FT This is the NAS Parallel Benchmark FFT program written in the UPC language.
  • Pynamic Pynamic tests dynamic loading subsystem design and the ability to handle heavy use of dynamically linked libraries from a large Python-based scientific application.
  • STREAM The STREAM benchmark is designed to measure the sustainable memory bandwidth and corresponding computation rate for four simple vector kernels
  • OMB MPI Tests The OSU MicroBenchmarks carry out a variety of message passing performance tests using MPI.
  • SMB The "Host Processor Overhead" and "Real World Message Rate" benchmarks from the Sandia MPI Micro-Benchmark Suite (SMB).
  • PSNAP P-SNAP is a micro benchmark to measure OS impact on parallel jobs.
  • ZiaTest This test executes a new proposed standard benchmark method for MPI startup that is intended to provide a realistic assessment of both launch and wireup requirements.
  • mdtest Used to measure file system metadata operation rates
  • IOR IOR is used for testing performance of parallel file systems using various interfaces and access patterns.
  • mpimemu A simple tool that helps approximate MPI library memory usage as a function of scale.
  • FLOP Counts for "Small" Single-Node Miniapplication Tests Provided for reference