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Getting Started

Cori is NERSC's newest supercomputer, a Cray XC40 consisting of 9,688 Intel Xeon Phi "Knights Landing" nodes and 2,388 Intel Xeon "Haswell" nodes. Read more below to get started using Cori.

Logging in to Cori

Use SSH (or an SSH-enabled application) to login in interactively to Cori's login nodes. Read More »

Your First Program on Cori

To run a program on Cori you must either compile your own code or use a pre-built application. In the following example, we'll guide you through compiling and running the "Hello World" code shown below. Cori has two kinds of compute nodes: "Intel Haswell" and "Intel Xeon Phi". This pages refers to the Haswell nodes only, for simplicity. "Hello World" Example Using your favorite text editor (e.g. vi, emacs) open a new file called "helloWorld.f90". You can copy the example below by using  "view… Read More »