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Modeling structural properties of cells


To advance in detection, characterization, analysis and predictions of biological cells and their inherent heterogeneity in terms of shape, texture, color, and correlations with metadata. We seek providing services that will allow measurements using digital images of micrographs.  

As an example, we will build image analysis algorithms that take time slices of stacks of two-dimensional images, representing three-dimensional structures: these images are taken at key moments in cell development, and we have been (1) building algorithms that assemble and extract relevant structures, (2) developing statistical analysis algorithms to extract key physical properties (such as shape, degrees of spheroidicity and connectedness, etc.) and (3) providing quantitative checkpoints for computational models which can solve equations of motion for the fluid, mechanical, and elastic evolution of cell boundaries.


By modeling structural changes and describing such variations quantitatively, we hope to better understand the cell variability and provide better prediction models.