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Managing Your User Account

Use the NERSC Information Management (NIM) system to customize your user account and keep your personal information up-to-date.  See the NIM User's Guide, especially the "Managing Your User Account with NIM" section.

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<li><a href="#new">Starting a new Allocation Request</a> </li>
<li><a href="#renew">Renewing an Allocation Request</a> </li>
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<li><a href="#layout" mce_href="#layout">General layout of the Request Form and using its tabs</a> </li>
<li><a href="#userlist" mce_href="#userlist">Validating your User List</a> </li>
<li><a href="#finish" mce_href="#finish">Finishing your request</a> </li>
<li><a href="#paste" mce_href="#paste">Pasting from one request into another request</a> </li>
<li><a href="#print" mce_href="#print">Printing and saving to disk</a> </li>
<li><a href="#help" mce_href="#help">Getting help for specific questions</a> </li>
<li><a href="#advice" mce_href="#advice">Advice on answering long text questions</a> </li>
<li><a href="#error" mce_href="#error">ERCAP error messages</a> </li>
<li><a href="#delete" mce_href="#delete">Deleting a request</a> </li>
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<p>Requests to use NERSC resources are submitted annually via a web form known as the <strong>ERCAP</strong> (Energy Research Computing Allocations Process) Request Form. ERCAP is accessed through the NERSC Information Management (<a href="/nusers/accounts/nim">NIM</a>) web interface and is available year-round.</p>
<p>There are two additional allocation programs for NERSC resources:</p>
&lt;li>&lt;a href="/nusers/accounts/NISE.php">NERSC Initiative for Scientific Exploration&lt;/a> &lt;/li>
&lt;li>&lt;a href="">ASCR Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC)&lt;/a> &lt;/li>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="first">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Applying for Your First NERSC Allocation</h2>
&lt;p>Before you begin the application process, make sure you meet the &lt;a href="/nusers/accounts/overview.php"> eligibility requirements&lt;/a>.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>If you already have a NERSC login name and wish to become a new PI,  login to &lt;a href="">NIM&lt;/a> and skip to the instructions  for "Starting a New Application" on this page. Prospective Principal Investigators without a NERSC login   need to fill out two forms:&lt;/p>
&lt;li> The online &lt;a href=""> ERCAP Access Request Form&lt;/a>.  If you wish to designate another person to fill out the request form  you may designate a "PI Proxy" on this form. &lt;/li>
&lt;li> The &lt;a href="/nusers/accounts/usage.pdf">Computer Use Policies form&lt;/a>. Download and complete &lt;em>all&lt;/em> the questions on this form and fax it to NERSC.  (The fax number appears on the form.) &lt;/li>
&lt;p>Within two working days NERSC's Account Support office will contact you with the login name and password you will need to fill out  and submit the allocations request form.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>Many new NERSC projects begin with a "Startup Account"  allocation, particularly if they are new to HPC or are not yet ready to run production codes on   thousands of CPU cores. Startup awards are limited to 15,000 MPP hours   (Cray XT4 equivalent hours) and are good for up to 18 months, by   which time a continuing project is expected to have applied (or renewed) for a "Production" award. See &lt;a href="/nusers/accounts/overview.php">Overview and Eligibility&lt;/a>.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="new">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Starting a New Application</h2>
&lt;li> Once you have received your NERSC login name and password, point your browser to  &lt;a href="">;/a>, and login to NIM. &lt;/li>
&lt;li> Scroll down the NIM main menu frame (upper left) and click the &lt;strong>ERCAP requests&lt;/strong> link. &lt;/li>
&lt;li> In the bottom frame which appears, click on the link &lt;strong>Start a new request&lt;/strong>. Note: existing NERSC users who are not yet registered as a PI will see instead a button labeled "Click here to start a new ERCAP request as a PI". &lt;/li>
&lt;p>Now the ERCAP application form will load in the bottom frame. The questions on the application form are divided into several pages. Each page is grouped under a tab. You will be in the first page, called &lt;strong>Project Overview&lt;/strong>. If you are applying for a Startup Account, select the Project Class of Startup from the pull-down menu on question 6.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>The other tabs are not clickable until you have saved the Project Overview; after which you can click on any tab in any order.&lt;/p>
<p>You MUST click the "Save" button at the bottom of each section in order to save your work on that page before selecting another tab.</p>
&lt;p>If you are applying for a Startup Account:&lt;/p>
&lt;li>Select the Allocation Type of Startup from the pull-down menu on the &lt;strong>Resources Requested&lt;/strong> page. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>For information on available resources and maximum startup awards, see &lt;a href="./resources.php">Allocated Resources&lt;/a>. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>Answer the questions to the best of your ability; detailed code descriptions and performance information are not required for startup requests. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>To continue working on a proposal you have previously saved click on its &lt;img src="edit.png" alt="edit icon" />edit icon. &lt;/li>
&lt;p>Startup requests may be made at any time.   Decisions for Startup requests are made within one to three weeks after applying.&lt;/p>
<p>When you have finished writing your request, be sure to select "Finished" for the <strong>Current Request Status</strong> question on the <strong>Other Info / Finish</strong> page.</p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="renew">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Renewing a request</h2>
&lt;p>Point your browser to &lt;a href="">;/a>, and login to NIM. Then scroll down the NIM main menu frame (upper left) and click the &lt;strong>ERCAP requests&lt;/strong> link. You will see a list of your ERCAP requests in the bottom frame.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>To renew an existing project for the next allocation year  click on its &lt;img src="renew.png" alt="recycle icon" />renew icon.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>To continue working on a proposal you have previously saved click on its &lt;img src="edit.png" alt="edit icon" />edit icon.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>&lt;img src="./images/window_fullscreen.gif" alt="image of request list" />&lt;a href="./images/ercapreq.gif" target="ercaphelp">Image of request list&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="layout">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Tips and Instructions for Filling out Allocation Request Form</h2>
<p>General layout of the Request Form and using its tabs</p>
&lt;p>&lt;img src="./images/window_fullscreen.gif" alt="image of beginning screen" />&lt;a href="./images/ercappi.gif" target="ercaphelp">Image of beginning screen&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<p>The questions on the ERCAP Request Form are divided into several sections. Each section is grouped under a tab.</p>
&lt;p>When you first renew a previous year's request, or when you first create a new request,  you will be in the first tab, called &lt;strong>Project Overview&lt;/strong>. The other tabs are not clickable until you have saved the Project Overview, after which you can click on any tab in any order.&lt;/p>
<p>Note that the request number, PI name, and request title are not displayed in the tab title area until you have saved the Project Overview.</p>
<p>To save a section of the ERCAP Request Form, click the <strong>Save</strong> button, located at the end of the section.</p>
&lt;p>&lt;img src="./images/window_fullscreen.gif" alt="image of save button" />&lt;a href="./images/savebutton.gif" target="ercaphelp">Image of save button&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h3>Using the tabs to navigate between sections</h3>
<p>Once you have completed the <strong>Project Overview</strong> you can edit the other sections in any order.  Just click on a tab to edit the corresponding section.</p>
<p><strong>Warning:</strong> each tab area must be saved before moving to a new tab.  After you have finished your work in one tab area you must click the <strong>Save</strong> button located at the bottom of that tab area to save your changes in the database.</p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="userlist">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Validating your User List</h2>
&lt;p>As part of the ERCAP renewal process PIs (or PI Proxies) must certify their current user list. This means: review, correct and certify contact information, citizenship, and project role for your active users. DOE requires this to be done once a year.&lt;/p>
<p>The ERCAP system will not let you submit (finish) your request until you have certified your user list (renewed requests only).</p>
&lt;p>For instructions see &lt;a href="/nusers/accounts/nim/users_manual/userlistval.php">User List Validations&lt;/a>.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="finish">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Finishing your request</h2>
<p>When you have completed answering to your satisfaction all the questions on the Request Form click the <strong>Other Info / Finish</strong> tab and select the <strong>Finished</strong> for the <strong>Current Request Status</strong> question.   Reviewers can see all finished requests (once they have been validated by NERSC staff).</p>
<p>Note that the status of your request is displayed in the tab title area  ("Not Yet Finished" or "Finished" or "Validated").  Once a request has been validated you may no longer edit it.</p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="paste">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Pasting from one request into another request</h2>
<p>If you want to copy and paste text from one request into another request you should bring up the request you want to copy from in a separate browser window.  Here's how to do that:</p>
&lt;li>Select &lt;strong>My ERCAP Requests&lt;/strong> from the  &lt;strong>My Stuff&lt;/strong> pulldown menu. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>In the resulting ERCAP requests frame  click on the &lt;img src="pdf.png" alt="View PDF icon" />view PDF icon for the request from which you want to cut and paste. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>After the ERCAP PDF form is displayed, click on the PDF &lt;strong>Select Text&lt;/strong> Tool and highlight the text you want to copy. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>Then you can paste the text into the request you are working on in your NIM browser window. &lt;/li>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="print">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Printing and saving to disk</h2>
<p>To print a request:</p>
&lt;li>Select &lt;strong>My ERCAP Requests&lt;/strong> from the  &lt;strong>My Stuff&lt;/strong> pulldown menu. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>In the resulting ERCAP requests frame  click on the &lt;img src="pdf.png" alt="View PDF icon" />view PDF icon for the request you want to print. &lt;/li>
&lt;li>Then use your browser's &lt;strong>Print...&lt;/strong> option to print the request. &lt;/li>
&lt;p>When you have finished your request it is a good idea to save a copy to disk. Click on the &lt;img src="pdf.png" alt="View PDF icon" />view PDF icon for the request you want to save and  use your browser's &lt;strong>Save&lt;/strong> option.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="help">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Getting help for specific questions</h2>
&lt;p>Some of the questions have an information icon &lt;img src="./images/help.gif" alt="help icon" /> you can click to get help on answering that specific questions.  Questions that are self-explanatory do not have the info icon.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="advice">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Advice on answering long text questions</h2>
<p>It is not recommended that you directly type in long answers.  Rather, compose your answers elsewhere, and paste them into the ERCAP text boxes.</p>
<p>Note for Internet Explorer users: some Explorer browsers interpret a carriage return (the <strong>Enter</strong> or <strong>Return</strong> key) in the short text boxes (the text boxes without a scroll bar) as a <strong>Save</strong>: if you enter a carriage control in a short text box it is as though you had clicked the <strong>Save</strong> button.  Also note that you can use the Tab key to jump to the next text box.</p>
&lt;p>Most of the text boxes have a maximum of 4,000 characters associated with them. If your answer exceeds 4,000 characters you will get an error message  when you click &lt;strong>Save&lt;/strong>.  You should remove some of your text and try to Save again.  See &lt;a href="#error">ERCAP error messages&lt;/a>.&lt;/p>
&lt;p>Starting with ERCAP requests for allocation year 2010 the ability for uploading PDFs is provided. Long answers can be provided in the PDFs.&lt;/p>
<h3>Using HTML tags</h3>
<p>We recommend that you use only a limited set of HTML tags in your answers.   The HTML tags below are the ones that are recommended. Note that when you are editing your ERCAP request you will see the HTML tags; when you display the form in read/only mode (by clicking the the <strong>Show Complete Request</strong> tab)  you will see your text as it should appear. If you need any help inserting HTML tags, contact a NERSC consultant.</p>
&lt;dl>&lt;dt>&lt;strong>&lt;pre&gt; and &lt;/pre&gt;&lt;/strong>&lt;/dt> &lt;dd>Use these around sections of fixed width text to preserve column alignment. &lt;/dd> &lt;dt>&lt;strong>&lt;sup&gt; and &lt;/sup&gt;; &lt;sub&gt; and &lt;/sub&gt;&lt;/strong>&lt;/dt> &lt;dd>Use these in formulas for superscripts and subscripts. &lt;/dd> &lt;dt>&lt;strong>&lt;img&gt;&lt;/strong>&lt;/dt> &lt;dd>Use this to display an image.  This can be useful for formulas: compose your formula with latex or word or some other tool.  Save it as a GIF or JPG file at your home site.  You can then display it with the &lt;img&gt; tag in  an ERCAP text box.  Example:
&lt;img src=""&gt;
&lt;/dd> &lt;/dl>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="error">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>ERCAP error messages</h2>
<p>If you enter invalid data into a text box, ERCAP will detect the error situation when you click the <strong>Save</strong> button.  You will see the following  red error message on top of the tabs:</p>
&lt;p>FOUND ERRORS ! Please scroll down to correct.  &lt;br />This form cannot be saved until errors are corrected.&lt;/p>
<p>You should scroll down until you find another red error message adjacent  to the text box that contains the invalid data.  Correct the error and click the <strong>Save</strong> button again. Your work cannot be saved until you have corrected the error.</p>
<p>A common error is entering more than 4,000 characters into a text box. In that case you would see the error message:</p>
<p>*Entered value too long</p>
<p>Correct your error and try saving your answers again by clicking the <strong>Save</strong> button.</p>
<p>If you try to Finish your request without first validating your user list (this applies to renewals only) you will see the following message:</p>
<p>Please validate your user list before submitting your request. Request has been saved, but not submitted.</p>
&lt;p>&lt;a name="delete">&nbsp;&lt;/a>&lt;/p>
<h2>Deleting a request</h2>
&lt;p>If you need to delete a request contact the Account Support Office for help: 1-800-66-NERSC menu 2, 1-510-486-8612, or &lt;a href="">;/a>.&lt;/p>