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2013 NISE Awards Summary Table

InvestigatorNERSC repoHours awardedDOE OfficeProject Title
Katie Antypas, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory m1759       250,000 ASCR Applied Mathematical Sciences NERSC Application Readiness for Future Architectures
Inez Fung, University of California Berkeley m189       750,000 BER Climate and Environmental Sciences Carbon Data Assimilation with a Coupled Ensemble Kalman Filter
Thomas Hamill, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration refcst        10,000 BER Climate Research A multi-decadal reforecast data set to improve weather forecasts for renewable energy applications
Juan Idrobo, Oak Ridge National Laboratory mp221   4,000,000 BES Materials Science Numerical Simulations of Nanocrystals, Interfaces, and Grain Boundaries in Complex Materials
Yosuke Kanai, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill m1029   1,250,000 BES Materials Science First Principles Molecular Dynamics Investigation of Carbon Dioxides
Colleen Kaul, Stanford University m1426     700,000 BES Chemistry Turbulent Reacting Flows for Multi-physics Model Development
Emmanouil Kioupakis, University of Michigan m1380   7,000,000 BES Materials Science Electronic Properties of Novel Nitride Nanostructures
Denise Kirschner, University of Michigan m1827     250,000 BER Biological Systems Science Multi-scale Multi-Compartment Computational Models of the Human Immune Response to Infection with M. tuberculosis
Petr Kral, University of Illinois m1201   1,500,000 BES - Materials Sciences Multiscale modeling of nanoparticle self-assembly and molecular electronics in nanocarbons
Thomas Miller, California Institute of Technology m822      15,000,000 BES Chemistry Sampling diffusive dynamics on long timescales, and simulating the coupled dynamics of electrons and nucleu
Joseph Oefelein, Sandia National Laboratories m295   4,400,000 BES Chemistry Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulence-Chemistry Interactions in Reacting Multiphase Flows
Edward Patton, National Center for Atmospheric Research m917   3,000,000 BER Climate Research Turbulence over Complex Terrain: a Wind Energy Perspective
Kristin Persson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory jcesr   4,000,000 BES Materials Science Joint Center for Energy Storage Research/td>
Kristin Persson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory matgen   4,000,000 BES Materials Science The Materials Genome
Barbara Romanowicz, University of California Berkeley m554   3,000,000 BES Geosciences Calibration of 3D Upper Mantle Structure in Eurasia Using Regional and Teleseismic Full Waveform Seismic Data
Sayeef Salahuddin, University of California Berkeley m946     200,000 BES Materials Science Quantum Transport Simulation of Nano Scale Electronic Devices for Ultra Low Power Computing
Annabella Selloni, Princeton University m944   3,275,000 BES Materials Science Surface and interface of photocatalytic metal oxide materials
George Shields, Bucknell University m1226     100,000 BER Climate Research Thermodynamics of Secondary Aerosol Formation
David Skinner, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory ngbi     200,000 BER Biological Systems Science Next Generation Bioimaging Institute
Ionel Stetcu, Los Alamos National Laboratory m1451  5,000,000 NP Nuclear Theory Static and dynamic solutions for heavy nuclei
Daithi Stone, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory m1517  9,500,000 BER Climate Research Attribution of extreme weather risk to anthropogenic emissions
David Trebotich, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory m1516     25,000,000 ASCR Applied Mathematical Sciences Pore Scale Reactive Transport Processes Associated with Carbon Sequestration
Cai-Zhuang Wang, Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University m1515     12,000,000 BES Materials Science Computational Prediction and Discovery of Magnet Materials
Yi Wang, Pennsylvania State University m891   8,800,000 BES Materials Science Spin-lattice Coupling in Magnetic Phase Transition
Stefan Wippermann, University of California Davis m1518   5,000,000 BES Materials Science Multiple Exciton Generation and Charge Extraction in Nanoparticle-based Solar Cells
Sotiris Xantheas, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory m1513   8,000,000 BES Chemistry Guest-host interactions in aqueous systems and hydrate lattices: Implications for H2 storage and CO2 sequestration
Bi-Cheng Zhou, Pennsylvania State University m1606     265,000 BES Materials Science Development of ITM Oxygen Technology for Integration with Advanced Industrial Systems