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2011 NISE Awards Summary Table

Investigator NERSC Repo Hours Awarded DOE Office Project
Dmitri Babikov,
Marquette University
m409 1,450,000 BES Chemistry New potential energy surface for ozone molecule
Connor Balance,
Auburn University
m41 600,000 Fusion Energy Hybrid OpenMP/MPI approach to R-matrix scattering
Amitava Bhattacharjee,
University of New Hampshire
m148 1,000,000 Fusion Energy Global Effects on the Dynamics of Plasmoids and Flux Ropes during Magnetic Reconnection
Ian Bourg,
Berkeley Lab
mp47 300,000 BES Geosciences MD simulations of liquid water films at the boundary between gas hydrate and mineral surfaces
Shane Canon,
Berkeley Lab
kbase 100,000 BER Biosciences Systems Biology Knowledge Base
Pierre Carrier,
University of Minnesota
m684 80,000 ASCR Computer Science Sparse Lanczos and GMRES solvers in co-array fortran (CAF)
Paul Cassak,
West Virginia University
m866 200,000 Fusion Energy Numerical Study of Mode Conversion and Ion Heating in Laboratory-Relevant Plasmas
Choong-Seock Chang,
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
m499 4,000,000 Fusion Energy Large Scale Numerical Study of Bootstrap Current in Edge Pedestal Plasma
Wai-Yim Ching,
University of Missouri
mp250 7,650,000 BES Materials Science Ab initio simulation of mechanical properties of bulk metallic glass and Mo-bases alloys
Gil Compo,
University of Colorado
m958 7,000,000 BER Climate Research Improving algorithms and resolution for the Ocean-Atmosphere Reanalysis for Climate Applications OARCA (1850-2012)
Alan Condron,
University of Massachusetts Amherst
m1068 1,000,000 BER Climate Research High resolution modeling to identify the location of the meltwater flood responsible for the Younger Dryas cold episode
Thomas Devereaux,
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
m772 1,000,000 BES Materials Science Numerical Investigations of Symmetry Breaking, Magnetism and the Pseudogap in the Three-Orbital Hubbard Model
James Drake,
University of Maryland
mp217 500,000 Fusion Energy Breaking magnetic field lines with turbulence
Huazhi Fang,
Pennsylvania State University
m1215 500,000 BES Materials Science Development of CALPHAD type approach to thermal conductivity aided by first-principles phonon approach
Keith Gilmore,
Berkeley Lab
m1141 800,000 BES Materials Science An efficient real-space approach to calculating Auger spectra
James Glimm,
Stony Brook University
m1289 500,000 ASCR Applied Math Surface Instabilities and Subgrid Scale Models in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Gary Grest,
Sandia National Lab
m627 3,500,000 BES Materials Science Self-Healing of Polymer Films
H. Guo,
University of New Mexico
m627 300,000 BES Chemistry Computational Studies of Methanol Steam Reforming
Michael Helle,
Naval Research Lab
m965 1,000,000 HEP Accelerator Physics Laser Acceleration of Ions Using Few Times Critical Density Gas Targets
Ivaylo Ivanov,
Georgia State University
m1254 960,000 BER Biosciences An Integrative Strategy to Model Complex Biological Assemblies
Janet Jansson,
Berkeley Lab
m1317 1,000,000 BER Biosciences Unveiling Microbial Carbon Cycling Processes in Key U.S. Soils using "omics"
Puru Jena,
Virginia Commonwealth University
m847 100,000 BES Materials Science Ab initio studies on graphenes and superhalogens
Michael Kaplan,
Desert Research Institute
m965 750,000 BER Climate Research Tall Tower Wind Energy Monitoring and Numerical Model Validation in Southern Nevada
Noel Keen,
Berkeley Lab
m1116 100,000 BER Environmental Science Threading EnergyPlus using OpenMP
Emmanouil Kioupakis,
University of California Santa Barbara
m934 1,000,000 BES Materials Science Phonon-assisted optical absorption in indirect-band-gap semiconductors
Mal Soon Lee,
Michigan State University
m968 400,000 BES Materials Science Deep defect states and valence skipping in narrow band gap semiconductors
Mathan Lewis,
California Institute of Technology
jcap 5,000,000 BES Materials Science Material Simulations in Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis (JCAP)
Xiaoyi Li,
United Technologies Corp Research Center
m945 550,000 ASCR Computer Science High fidelity study of multiscale multiphase lubricant flow in high-speed gear systems
Jian Liu,
University of California Berkeley
mp14 1,350,000 BES Chemistry Semiclassical approaches for clean energy resources
Deyu Lu,
Brookhaven National Lab
m1288 350,000 BES Materials Science First Principles Characterization of van der Waals Dispersion Interactions
David Mikkelsen,
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
m64 3,000,000 Fusion Energy Simulating ETG Plasma Turbulence with Impurities
Thomas Miller,
California Institute of Technology
m822 750,000 BES Chemistry Coupled electronic and nuclear dynamics in enzymes and photocatalysts
Thomas Miller,
California Institute of Technology
m822 10,000,000 BES Chemistry Proton-coupled electron transfer in photocatalysis and protein translocation in biosynthesis: Bridging lengthscales and timescales in molecular simulation
Benson Muite,
University of Michigan
m1237 200,000 BES Materials Science Three dimensional models for martensitic phase transformations
Victor Ovchinnikov,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
gc8 1,000,000 BER Biosciences Molecular simulations of the release of phosphate and ADP from F1-ATPase
Edward Patton,
National Center for Atmospheric Research
m917 5,500,000 BER Climate Research Turbulence over complex terrain: a wind energy perspective
Dmitry Pekurovsky,
University of California San Diego
m1243 350,000 ASCR Computer Science Performance enhancements for three-dimensional fast fourier transforms library P3DFFT
Kristin Persson,
Berkeley Lab
matgen 2,500,000 BES Materials Science Accelerated Materials Design Towards the Materials Genome
Mitch Pindzola,
Auburn University
m41 3,000,000 Fusion Energy Triple Photoionization of the Li atom
Mauro Pivi,
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
mp93 300,000 HEP Accelerator Phsics Implementation of C-MAD parallel code to include new physics and capabilities for future particle colliders
Tomaasz Plewa,
Florida State University
m461 1,000,000 NP Astrophysics Morphology of Young Core-Collapse Supernova Remnants from Multi-Physics Three-Dimensional Simulations
Joel Primack,
University of California Santa Cruz
mp363 1,500,000 HEP Astrophysics Mass Production of High-Resolution Galaxy Simulations
Joe Prusa,
Iowa State University
m612 400,000 BER Climate Research Towards high performance urban canopy flows
Jason Riedy,
Georgia Institute of Technology
mp156 250,000 ASCR Allpied Math Evaluating PGAS scientific graph analysis codes on the Gemini interconnect
David Romps,
Berkeley Lab
m1196 1,000,000 BER Climate Research Interactions of Clouds, Convection, and Climate
Sayeef Salahuddin,
University of California Berkeley
m946 750,000 BES Materials Science Simulation of Inelastic decoherence in electronic transport through nanoscale structures
Grady Schofield,
University of Texas at Austin
m1291 1,000,000 BES Materials Science Improving scalability of an eigensolver for the Kohn-Sham electronic structure problem
ShunLi Shang,
Pennsylvania State University
m679 500,000 BES Materials Science Phonon, thermodynamic and diffusion properties of lithium-ion batteries from first-principles calculations
Brian Van Straalen,
Berkeley Lab
m1055 470,000 ASCR Computer Science CACHE novel architecture research
Brian Van Straalen,
Berkeley Lab
m1270 1,200,000 ASCR Computer Science High performance simulation of reactive transport processes at the pore scale
Yi Wang,
Pennsylvania State University
m891 1,250,000 BES Materials Science First-principles calculations of multiferroic oxides
Michael Wehner,
Berkeley Lab
mp193 5,600,000 BER Climate Research High resolution integration of CAM5 for extreme weather research
Nicholas Zabaras,
Cornell University
m1182 500,000 ASCR Applied Math Theoretical investigation on the properties of energy materials
Qianfan Zhang,
Stanford University
m1131 400,000 BES Materials Science Modeling and Simulation of High Dimensional Stochastic Multiscale PDE Systems at the Exascale