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The NERSC Allocation Request Form (ERCAP)


This section is for PDSF users only - please skip this section if you are not a PDSF user.  PDSF is used by researchers in the high energy physics and nuclear science communities and access must be approved by the PDSF Steering Committee.

Existing PDSF repos are listed on the PDSF tab. Select the box(es) in the Renew? column for each PDSF repo you want renewed for the next allocation year. Then click the black arrow to renew them.

To request a brand new PDSF repository (please do this ONLY if you have been pre-approved):

  1. Select Yes to the question Do you need a new PDSF repo?
  2. Enter a short descriptive name (3 to 8 characters long, all lower case) that describes your physics experiment. If your project is not a "physics experiment" enter a name that describes your research project.
  3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

You must also answer questions 19.2 - 19.5.